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All I wanted was for you to understand my side. ten-word-story, #43 (via acupofkeen)
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We all love someone way too much to the point where we don’t want to let go. (via linnaleee)

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"Even though I’m so damaged, got to pick myself up and perform for the crowd. Lucky me." 

How do I forget the look on my sister’s face when I crashed her car? How do I forget the way my dad yelled at me that night? How do I cope with people telling me I was cheated on? How do I forget him? How do I forget my grandpa was put in the hospital because he was jumped? How do I forget almost getting in two accidents before I actually got into one? How do I stop getting scared whenever I look into my rearview mirror because of the accident? How do I forget getting rejected to my dream school? How do I forget the harassing phone calls? How do I ignore the hurt feelings of not being able to go to prom whenever I help people out with their promposals? How do I forget that I won’t get the slow dance that I always wanted at prom with that special someone? How do I forget all this shit that has happened this year? 

I have all these questions in my head and it’s eating me up.. I’m so exhausted.. it takes so much effort to suppress every feeling because I’m knee-deep in shit I have to get done at school. Can’t even sleep at night because my dreams just remind me of things I want to forget. I’m a mess, I know. I think I deserve the pain though. So, I’m sorry for my complaints.  

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